Friday, January 16, 2009

Chocolate Sherpa expedition (ENG)

"The highest chocolate tasting in the world to collect funds for a mobile hospital in Nepal"

Louis-Philippe Loncke, the Belgian adventurer, is preparing his next expedition:
A 400 km trek between Kathmandu and the Everest Base Camp (Nepal), to organize there the highest chocolate tasting in the world!
It is a unique event with worldwide media coverage.
And a Belgian story which will restore Belgium’s image in the world!
The objective of Chocolate Sherpa is to collect funds for a Mobile Hospital in Nepal. This hospital will provide care and surgery to remote areas of Nepal.

After eight years spent to work as consultant for the Nepal Orthopaedic Hospital (Kathmandu) and training young Nepali surgeons, a Belgian surgeon and his Nepali friend, now plan to set up a mobile hospital. Such facility would be easily mounted, quickly dismounted and transported by truck or chopper and will allow the doctors to reach far remote places of Nepal. Campaigns lasting one month will enable to provide care to 5000 people and to provide medical surgery to 250. The basic equipment’s cost is estimated at 250 000 € and a one month campaign at 50 000€.
Many regions of Nepal are inaccessible through roads and thus providing care in these poor areas is a complicated task. People are unable to reach the capital, because of the cost and time of such a travel. Thanks to the mobile hospital, it will be possible to provide general and specialized care.

The team of Chocolate Sherpa will walk 400 km from Kathmandu to the Everest Base Camp and distribute 200 kg of chocolate. This long walk will allow the team to meet the Sherpa population and share intense moments with those who have been carrying the equipment of westerners for decades. Chocolate will be offered during the trek to porters and Sherpas. The remaining 100 kg will be distributed during a unique chocolate tasting at 5350 meters. During this period of the year, the base camp is a village of between 500 and 1000 Sherpas and international mountaineers who are attempting to reach the summit of the roof of the world.
The expedition targets worldwide media coverage to satisfy corporate sponsors that will donate funds for the mobile hospital. A second mean to collect funds is by private donations to encourage the Chocolate Sherpa team to reach their goal.


  1. Hey ,
    I just saw about this project on multishow, here in Brazil
    Ive been in Nepal before and to see all those places again, and that, there are many good people trying to helpp the Nepal people is amazing, I would love to be there helping
    but for now i will see you guys from here and say congratulations and God bless you all!!!!!

    Lifit Lorena