Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chocolate Sherpa Team United

Joseph De Mahieu, N. E.
Jeremy Roumian, Louis-Philippe Loncke
ENG: After 10 months we all met by internet, we finally had a lunch all together in Brussels and managed to get a photo of the complete team (from left to right).

FRA: Dix mois après avoir constitué une équipe et de rencontres via le web, nous avons enfin réussi à se faire un dîner.


  1. heureuse de vous revoir détendus et reposés!!!
    amicalement Edith

  2. Delighted to meet the Chocolate Sherpa Team.
    I love the mountains , and regard the mountaineering as a great sport !I would love to follow your expeditionary experiences.

    "Paths of Glory' by Jeff Archer my favourite book on Mallory's expedition to the Everest.
    Do read my blog on his book ---Kaye